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Sunday, August 12, 2007
stephen, 1:56 PM:
How we lost Afghanistan.

When reading this, imagine the sound of my head exploding.

Um, just because I have a self-interested memory, and because I remember discussing this with y'all -- when I was expressing qualms about the War in Afghanistan, I acknowledged the need to go after Al Queda, but was worried that we were too invested in nation-destroying and not enough in nation-building. Is this right? Or am I being too charitable about what was essentially a knee-jerk antiwar response?

Oh, and while we're talking about Al Queda, what did everybody think of the Obama Pakistan flap?
And does anybody else find the timing of this a bit surreal, given the Obama flap?
Yes, also the timing of Musharraf's announcement in relation to Khusheed Kasuri's and Tariq Azim's statements about Obama.

But what I find truly surreal is Tom Tancredo suggesting we make America safer by threatening to nuke Mecca.
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